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Over most of my day tours, the Garden Tour Christchurch is one of “the” most popular, especially with my Japanese guests. It gives me a chance to demonstrate to you why Christchurch is called “The Garden City”. Our tour includes a visit to three private gardens, one of which includes an award-winning garden. You will have the chance to meet the gardeners in person, who design and grow these beautiful creations. Enjoy the award-winning factory garden and street award winners. You will also view and get to experience the most attractive park in Christchurch. Take a look at the Garden Tours Christchurch reviews, or view some nursery photos

Greenery is abundant, making up nearly 1/8th of parks and gardens in our City. Personally, I love Spring! October is just a blaze of blossom as the new Spring leaves herald the end of Winter. From the flowering of the daffodils in late August, to the blooming of the Roses in mid-November. We have a constant array of blooms from Cherries, Magnolias, Azaleas, Rhododendrons and Wisteria to enchant our visitors.
In addition to the shorter “Garden Tours Christchurch”, I can arrange visits to much larger scale gardens out in the country. These can be tailored to suit your individual schedule; however, I recommend allowing for at least 6- 8 hours. This tour will include a 2-course lunch.

Furthermore, in the Spring and early Summer, many of the local schools have fundraisers around the most attractive gardens in their area. This is a great way to see a much wider selection of gardens in a very local area. These are only conducted on Saturdays and usually from late October through till early December.

If you are travelling around in a self-drive, you may wish to explore wonderful gardens outside Christchurch City. Customise your own trip with Gardenstovisit – this site provides you with a collection of New Zealand gardens that are open to visitors.

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Optional Extras

•       Lunch Option at $35 per person (Sun Room or Garden Lunch)
•       You will have the option to choose any two-course lunch meal
o       Option 1: Home baked bread with homemade soup
o       Option 2: Quiche Lorraine with organic potatoes and green salad
o       Dessert: Fresh, homemade cheesecake topped with homegrown berries

Highlights of the Garden Tour Christchurch

•       Experience Private Garden settings
•       Award-winning factory gardens and street award garden winners
•       Personalised tour – Meet & Greet Gardeners (meet the gardeners who create these beautiful prizewinning gardens)
•       View blooms such as Cherries, Magnolias, Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Wisteria and Roses (dependent on time of visit)

Best Time to book

•       Mid-September – Early December

Tour Duration

•       4 hours – Christchurch Garden Tour
•       8 hours – Christchurch Country Gardens Tour

Tour Itinerary

09.30    Start of tour from hotel or rendezvous point in the central city
09.40    Short walk through one of many of Christchurch’s Community Gardens (5 minutes)
10.00 Prize winning garden visit and meet the gardeners who create and maintain the flower garden (20 minutes)
10.45    Drive along and stop for photos on the Prize-Winning street (10 minutes)
11.00    Second flower garden and chance to discuss the garden with the owner (20 minutes)
11.40    Visit to an attractive park, floral display or seasonal feature in a park (5 minutes)
12.00    Third private prize-winning garden visit
12.40    Quick browse in one of Christchurch’s Commercial gardens (5 minutes)
13.00    Visit one of Christchurch’s attractive garden centres (10 minutes)
13.30    Conclusion of tour or beginning of lunch at our place

What’s included

•       An Experienced & Knowledgeable, local Tour Guide
•       Transport to and from Christchurch to a variety of gardens en-tour
•       Entrance to 3 private gardens


•       Priced from $180 per person

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