Christchurch City Tour

My Christchurch City Tour is a 3.5 hour trip which will show you why it is called the Garden City combining both the cities main attractions as well as our beautiful parks. Our city is very much in recovery mode from the February 2011 Earthquake at the moment but the features of the city with the backdrop of the Port Hills , The Lyttleton Harbour, Mona Vale Gardens are still absolutely beautiful .

My recommendation would be to drive up the Port Hills to see the spectacular view over the city and across to the Southern Alps as well as visit the Sign of the Takahe.Then to Mona Vale Gardens with the crystal clear waters of the Avon River running through it, which is perhaps our most attractive park then into the city centre to visit the Canterbury Museum, Arts Centre and new Cardboard Cathedral as well as see the remaining Anglican Cathedral which is sadly fenced off and going no where fast.

I will make a cup of tea or coffee with a homemade biscuit or cake at my place to complete the tour.

My tours are all personalized and flexible to accommodate the interests of my guests, the weather and their schedule. Please contact me with any special requests you have.

My tours normally commence from the city centre but I am able to pick up from the Christchurch Airport, ($45 from domestic terminal or $60 from International flight) or from cruise ships over in Lyttleton Harbour ($100 ) or over in Akaroa Harbour ($400) if you wish to have a Shore Excursion Tour.

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