CanNZ Tours is my tour company based here in Christchurch, New Zealand catering for the needs of the Independent Traveler wishing to see more of the Christchurch and Canterbury region through flexible and unique tours. We also enjoy to have our guests stay with us for a few days as well if they want a more Kiwi experience. It also means if you wish to go on a tour to the mountains or West Coast we can have more flexibility as you only need to pay us for the nights you stay with us.

My name is Craig Rome and I am a 60 year-old Scottish-born Kiwi who speaks and writes Japanese. I was raised on a farm in Gretna Green Scotland, went to high school in Edinburgh at Fettes College and then graduated from The West of Scotland Agricultural College and migrated to NZ in 1977.

Originally I migrated here to manage dairy farms and subsequently worked in hotels and later owned and operated a coffee shop bakery in Christchurch.

In 1988 I went to Japan with my young family to learn the language and work as an English teacher in a Private Girls High School in Maebashi called “Kyoai Gakuen”.

Upon returning to Christchurch in 1993 I began guiding Japanese guests for the larger Japanese Travel Companies and slowly began to establish my own business offering more relaxed and tailor made itineraries.

Now my business has put up my tours in English as well partly because of the Christchurch Earthquake in Feb 2011 closing 28 of the 31 city hotels and subsequent to that the dreadful Tsunami in Tohoku which saw a massive drop off in Japanese guests- offering the same flexibility and variety to suit the needs of independent travellers

My greatest joy is combining the interests of my guests and creating itineraries which allow us a degree of flexibility to make the best use of the weather.

I have an organic garden and particularly enjoy creating picnics to enjoy on our trips. However I can create any type of tour to suit the wishes of you and your travelling companions.

Please have a look at my optional tours and feel free to suggest your own tailor made requests from the suggested list. Also our hobbies involve hiking, gardening, cooking, golf , tennis , table tennis , wine and anything to do with NZ or Japan.

One point to always bear in mind when creating a tour for the South Island is that Mount Cook has 3500 mms of rain a year, so I would say lets always have a plan B! If you really want to stay the night in the mountains be it in Arthurs Pass or Mount Cook and if it is a North West weather pattern we can spend most of the day in the East and travel into the mountains in time for check in at your accommodation… and hope that the next day will be on your side.

It is my pleasure to receive your inquiries and suggestions for your South Island trip and working with you to create your ideal itinerary.

Please contact me to organise a Christchurch tour you will always remember.

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